It’s summer time and everyone both young and old can enjoy the wonderful warm temperatures and beautiful sun. If you’re caring for a senior loved one, summer safety is important. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep your loved one safe and entertained all summer long.

Planning a safe and fun outing during the hot summer days can be lots of fun. It will also be a great way to build lasting memories with your loved one. If your parent/grandparent does not live with you, you can always plan ahead and make arrangements to pick them up from their nursing home or facility.

Here’s what to do when planning activities for seniors during the summer months:

Try to choose activities that you think your aging parent/grandparent will enjoy as well as activities they are physically able to do. Remember you want to keep it simple, yet fun. Try choosing public spaces that aren’t too over crowded or loud. If you can choose a place that’s also familiar to them and has fond memories, that can be a big plus.

If you want to plan a picnic, you can also take them for a leisurely walk afterwards. Make sure to pack a cane or walking stick to help with balance if needed. Pack a picnic basket full of their favorite foods/snacks/veggies, a blanket, and enjoy some time together outdoors. You can even bring a kite, badminton set or even a game of chess.

Another fun activity your senior loved might enjoy is miniature golfing. You can find a miniature golf facility near you or set one up in your backyard! You can help your grandparent if their ball goes off course and even make a fun contest of what the winner will receive. Grab an ice cream cone afterward to wrap up your day of laughter and a little exercise.

Fishing is another fun and refreshing activity you and your loved one can indulge in for the summer. If the weather is warm and mild, you can go to the lake or your favorite fishing hole and see if the two of you can catch some fish. If your parent/grandparent uses a wheelchair, make sure the dock is wheelchair-accessible. You can spend the day doing something enjoyable while reminiscing about old times/family etc.

If you both enjoy outdoor activities, try taking them for a hike. According to Buzz Time Business “Brisk walking is another one of the best summer activities for seniors. Change up the scenery. Take your senior to a local walking trail or nature preserve. Seniors in wheelchairs can still benefit if you scout out a trail that’s paved and relatively flat.”

Starting a garden is a wonderful way for seniors to spend their summer days. It’s also a great way for you to spend time together. Taking care of something can give your loved one a sense of responsibility and pride. You can take them to your local nursery and let them pick out some favorite plants, fruits or veggies you can plant together. Even some fresh herbs in a windowsill can be
planted with limited dexterity. Make sure you have ergonomic tools in case they experience any pain. Once your garden harvests, you can share the fruits of your labor with them! Information Credit:

Summer is a wonderful to explore, take on new hobbies and enjoy the outdoors. These were just a few activities we mentioned. There are so many more fun activities you can plan with your loved one. Try new things with them, like taking them to an outdoor movie, an outdoor market, community events, street fairs, take them on a hike, or take them to see an outdoor music show/art show. There are many fun things you can plan with your loved one. We would love to hear form you, what activities do you do with your aging parent/grandparent during the summer months? Comment Below!

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