When Should You Contact Your Home Team Care?

If Any Of These Scenarios Describe You or Your Loved One’s Situation, Call Your Home Tam Care For A FREE In-Home Assessment.


Does Your Loved One Seem More Confused Than Usual?

You may notice that they’ve left the stove on or that they’re unsteady when they’re walking. Perhaps you’re uneasy about whether your senior is taking the appropriate medication as prescribed. Many seniors have multiple medications, and those may have complicated instructions regarding when and how to take them. The greater number of medications prescribed can cause increased confusion about when and how they should be taken.


Have Normal Daily Activities Become More Difficult For Your Loved One?

You may suspect that your senior is having difficulties with performing normal daily activities, but they don’t want you to know about their difficulties because they are afraid that they might become a burden or may have to leave their home. If you believe your senior is having difficulty with personal care or other daily life activities, call us.


Does Your Loved One Not Qualify For Recuperative Nursing Home Care After A Hospital Stay?

Perhaps your loved one has been hospitalized for a serious illness but does not qualify for recuperative nursing home care. Home care instructions can sometimes be confusing for seniors as well as time-consuming for family members who are trying to care for their seniors and manage their own lives. This can quickly lead to everyone feeling overwhelmed. By contacting Your Home TeamCare prior to your senior’s discharge from the hospital, our RN counselor can come to the hospital to meet with the discharge planner on your behalf. After your senior’s discharge from the hospital, Your Home TeamCare can provide 24-hour care for your senior while they recuperate. Your Home TeamCare can also ensure that someone is with your senior overnight on either a short-term or long-term basis.


Will You Be Available If A Loved One Needs an Emergency Hospital Visit?

If you live far away from your senior or you happen to be out of town when you learn that your senior must undergo surgical or other procedure that allows your senior to be released from the hospital the same day, Your Home TeamCare can escort your senior to the hospital, remain at the hospital to ensure your senior gets home safely, and continue to stay with him or her around the clock, providing grocery shopping, preparing meals, and ensuring appropriate personal care until your senior has recovered to his or her status prior to the procedure.


Do You Or Your Loved One Need More Help Than Usual With Daily Errands?

Because of work or other family obligations, you may be unable to drive your senior where they want or need to go. Your Home TeamCare can take your seniors to do errands or engage in social activities—adding self-satisfaction, a feeling of independence, and joy to your loved one’s life.


Does Your Loved One Need Extra Supervision in the Hospital?

A loved one in the hospital or memory impairment unit may need additional supervision or support of a caregiver. Our experienced caregivers are trained to provide care for elders during a facility stay and are available 24/7.

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