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Your Home Team Care isn’t like any other in-home care provider in East Tennessee. We’re driven by physician leadership, who have seen where large franchise in-home care providers have come so far beneath the standard of care we believe the industry should have. Our caregivers are not only trained in the fundamentals of senior care, but they are also required to go through compassion training, which is a training program ensures that our staff aligns with our mission to provide safe and compassionate care that fosters happiness and peace of mind. We have also have access to technology that monitors your loved ones and advice from real healthcare professionals, so there are no surprises. If you’d like to learn more about our exclusive access, please contact us today!

Physician Consultation

Is it too difficult to get your loved one to the physician’s office to evaluate non-urgent symptoms?

The physician’s office is closed, it’s raining outside and you’re not sure if you should get your elderly mother out in the rain to go to urgent care.

You are alone with your disabled loved one who is wheelchair-bound. It takes two people to transfer him to the car and he seems to be getting a respiratory infection. What can you do?

Your Home Team offers a solution to these difficult situations.

We offer our home care clients exclusive access to a one on one physician consultation from the comfort of your home..

For a complimentary home safety assessment by our RN Case Manager and to learn about exclusive physician access and our home care services, call us 865-332-5000 today!

Safety Cameras

Do you worry about your fragile loved one’s safety when you are not there? What if she falls and is hurt?

Would it give you peace of mind to be able to view your mother with her caregiver periodically during the day?

Your Home Team Care understands that you want safety for your loved one and peace of mind for yourself. We have created our own security cameras that provide our clients with the ability to stream video from your loved ones home at any time! To learn more about our security camera and what it can mean to you call us at 865-332-5000

Caregivers With Advanced Training

Your Home Team Care’s Advanced Care training program ensures that our staff aligns with our mission to provide safe compassionate care that fosters happiness and peace of mind.

We require special training programs that exceed the training requirements for a home care organization to make every day a great day for your loved one in their home.

Some of our Advanced Care learning programs are;

Nutritional needs for the elderly and disabled adult – Because our services include grocery shopping and meal preparation, our caregivers have a good knowledge base to best identify healthy foods and prepare attractive and nutritious meals. Many elders are on special diets that are crucial to their health and well-being. Our nutritional training program provides caregivers the knowledge base to understand the importance of compliance with these diets and to make them enjoyable for the client.

Your Home Home Team Care’s Advanced Care Nutrition program is supported by our Registered Dietitian who is also available to visit our clients in their home for nutritional consultations,

Verbal Interaction and Therapeutic Companionship – Studies show that Elders who experience loneliness are predisposed to depression and other serious health problems. Sometimes an elder can be lonely even when another person is present in the home if there is a lack of interaction and stimulation. Your Home Team Care caregivers learn techniques to engage, create and explore interests that bring meaning to an elder’s life every day. Our caregivers establish caring and respectful interactions that maintain our client’s self-esteem and dignity and bring joy to their life.

Registered Nurse Advice Line

Is your loved one having symptoms that are concerning to you and you’re not sure What you should do?

Is your loved one’s physician unavailable to address your concerns?

Are you wondering if you should take your loved one to the emergency department?

Your Home Team Care offers our clients exclusive access to a Nurse Advice Line. Speak directly to an RN and get advice on how to take care of minor illnesses at home or when you should see a physician or go to urgent/ emergent care. Our Nurse Advice Line is there to give you peace of mind knowing the correct action to take for your loved one. Call us today to learn more at 865-332-5000

Physician-Owned & Registered Nurse Managed

Your Home Team Care’s physician leadership and RN home care management set us apart as an in-home care supportive service that truly understands and has experience with the elderly and disabled.

Your loved one’s supportive care and safety needs are assessed and managed by experienced medical professionals who understand how supportive in-home services impact overall health and well-being.

The experience and knowledge that our physician and RN team bring to supportive home services are reflected in our Advanced Care training program for caregivers as well as the care planning and oversight that we bring to your loved one.

Our experience working with the elderly brings a higher level of care to our clients that provide the utmost compassion and sensitivity. We are passionate about services that promote health, quality of life and allow our clients to joyfully remain in their homes.

Nutritional Assessment

Proper nutrition is an important and often neglected detriment to health for the elderly and disabled. Malnutrition is often underdiagnosed. Many elders have a poor appetite or have difficulty preparing nutritional meals. The memory-impaired are especially prone to nutritional deficiencies and feeding problems that can be worrisome. Poor nutrition can result in;

  • Poor skin integrity or wound healing
  • Weak immune system
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Increased risk of hospitalization
  • Poor adherence or lack of understanding of diabetes or other special diets can have a significant impact on health.

To help your loved one maintain the best health possible, Your Home Team Care offers a nutritional assessment in your home by an experienced Registered Nutritionist. If your elder has a poor appetite, is losing weight, has trouble preparing meals, isn’t adhering to a special diet, or any other concerns, call us at 856-332-5000 to schedule a nutritional assessment.

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